General Health and Dental Health

General Health and Dental Health
Our bodies are infinitely complex. Each piece and part belongs to a system which also belongs to the greater whole. When you feel sick or have an injury, your whole body may feel the effects, though only part of it may be inflicted. Looking at the body as a unit means treating the body holistically. In dentistry, it’s important to look at how the health of your smile affects the rest of your body. When you are missing a tooth or teeth, your jaw bone loses strength, causing a sunken facial aesthetic, and difficulty in simple acts, like chewing. Getting a cavity doesn’t just cause pain in the lone tooth, but can spread to surrounding teeth periodontal disease affects the gums, but can also increase the risk of diabetes and infection by carrying dental bacteria elsewhere in the body.

Looking at Dental Care Holistically

Closeup of healthy teeth and gums, Dental HealthDr. Rowen views the health of your smile as it impacts the health of your body. If you cannot chew properly, you will not receive the best nutrition from daily meals if you suffer from periodontitis, you may be at risk for other infections or general health conditions. Your smile is a gateway to the body, and through this passage, health and wellness or negative effects of untreated conditions can be compounded. There are a few habits that are well-known for being both bad for your teeth and thereby detrimental to total health as well. Some of these include: Smoking/Chewing Tobacco – These are proven to increase the risk of oral cancer. The chemicals and by-products in these products provide many opportunism for bacteria to grow and can cause oral tissues to decay or become otherwise compromise. Tobacco use also contributes to teeth staining and bad breath, among the other myriad general health problems known to result from prolonged smoking or chewing. Consuming Excess Sugar – Sugar is not a terrible thing to consume in moderation, but if there’s too much of it in a diet, your teeth and total health take a hit. Foods that contain added processed sugar like candy, sweets, and even sports drinks can easily compromise teeth and soft tissue by producing acid that causes decay. If you do not floss or brush properly, excess consumption of sugar can cause cavities, toothaches, and possible dental infection.  Overall, processed foods that are heavy in sugar are some of the most prominent culprits in weight gain. Although these are large contributors to your dental health, similar principles can be applied to other things we eat or drink. Alcohol can have similar effects as sugar, and even the use of e-cigarettes or vaping, can increase your risk for periodontal disease. By far the most important factor in your oral health is the establishment of proper home care practices that remove bacteria, stains and plaque, and clean both the surfaces of teeth and protect the health of gums.

We Protect Dental Health and Total Wellness

If you are experiencing extreme dental discomfort, toothaches, or are generally not confident in your smile, call our Boca Raton dentist for dental solutions that restore health, aesthetics, and well-being. We are committed to ensuring your dental health, and by extension, your general wellness.

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