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Intraoral Photography

You’ve heard the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” At Rowen Dentistry, we heartily agree. That’s why we use digital images in our treatment planning processes. In the past, we did our best to describe to patients areas of their smile that were damaged or use mirrors to show them, but with Digi Doc intraoral photography, patients see a crystal clear image showing them exactly what we’re talking about. No guessing. No confusion. Just clear, straightforward patient education about treatment options. It’s essentially what you and the staff at Rowen Dentistry can see with the naked eye, just magnified.

Digital X-Rays

What intraoral photography allows us to do for the parts of your smile visible above the gum line, digital x-rays do for your internal dental structures and those tooth layers hidden by soft tissue. Digital x-rays use less radiation than traditional film imaging, they’re faster to capture, and best of all, digital files are easily viewed, transferred, and saved for quick, convenient access year after year. Digital x-rays also expedite the treatment process because they are immediately available for our labs, specialists, or insurance providers as needed. Dental x-rays, in general, have greatly advanced in the last 20 years. A common misconception is that dental x-rays put off too much radiation. All of the x-ray machines in our Boca Raton dental office are up to date with current technology to reduce radiation to the patient and the staff. Any radiation in excess isn’t ideal. At Rowen Dentistry, we ensure that our patients get the least amount of radiation possible, while still capturing what we need with digital x-rays to properly diagnose.

Panoramic dental x-ray on tablet

CT Scanner

Digital x-rays have dramatically improved our ability to see and examine the interior structures of teeth, but that only goes so far. Think about the difference between a picture of an apple and an actual apple. You can slice an apple in half and see the inside of it, but without examining the full three dimensions of the apple, it’s hard to tell how deep any browned areas are or how many seeds are inside. Our Gendex CT/iCAT scanner allows us to see your smile in three dimensions, so we know exactly what we have to tackle. At any level, having access to a 3D scan of your teeth is beneficial to diagnosis and treatment planning. However, when we’re planning more advanced procedures like dental implant placement, our Gendex CT/iCAT scanner is an essential aspect of providing safe, effective implant surgery.

Luxar Soft-Tissue Laser

Lasers aren’t just for science fiction novels anymore. In fact, numerous professions utilize lasers daily. From construction to surgery, lasers allow us to perform a wide array of functions quickly and precisely. We use the Luxar soft-tissue laser system. This laser is used to remove or reshape soft tissue in a number of services we provide, but the place it has had the most profound impact is in caring for patients with periodontal disease. Laser gum disease treatments allow for less discomfort during procedures, faster healing times, and reduced risk for reinfection.

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Zeiss Surgical Microscope

When you hear microscope you probably think about a chemistry or biology lab you took in high school or college. The dentist probably doesn’t even break the top ten places you think about using a microscope. However, the Zeiss surgical microscope we use in our Boca Raton dental practice allows us to safely and effectively complete precise dentistry services on the small, intricate surfaces of teeth. Additionally, these microscopes give us a better view of the smile while we’re performing various treatments.

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