Frequently Asked Questions

At Rowen Dentistry, we hope you’ll want to visit us at least two times a year for dental checkups, but it really is the recommendation of the American Dental Association. We know that preventing dental health concerns is the best way to help our patients keep their healthy, natural smiles for a lifetime.

We are always here to help – even late at night. If you are experiencing a toothache or dental damage, please call us right away. Dental emergencies typically only get worse the longer we wait, so we’ll do our utmost to get you to our office the same day you call. We’ll also walk you through pain management and first aid at home.

Periodontal disease is better known by the name gum disease, and it is one of the most common oral health conditions affecting US adults. We work hard to help patients stop gum disease before it has the chance to start, but if we’re unable to prevent this condition, we also offer periodontal therapies to fully renew your smile.

Dentists are thoroughly trained in the way that oral and facials structures interact. That includes the airway. Patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea have an issue with a blockage in their airway that impedes breathing during sleep. That’s where the dentist comes in. We can help you reset your jaw position to keep the airway clear during rest, so you can sleep soundly. We work in conjunction with a reputable doctor who provides sleep tests to ensure the proper treatment to help with sleep apnea.

We know coming to the dentist isn’t a pleasure cruise to begin with. Our team strives to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to put many anxious patients at ease. For those patients who still need an extra boost to feel better, we also offer sedation dentistry. This is also a great option for patients with dental sensitivity and those who need numerous or complex procedures. Did we mention Dr. Rowen hates causing patients pain? Seriously! Dr. Rowen is highly skilled in preventing patient pain in the chair, to the point where most patients don’t even feel injections! He also advises you what he’s doing allowing you to be situationally aware of what’s going on (unless you really don’t want to know).

Last time you visited a new dental practice, did you feel like you just walked into a spa? Well, that’s what visiting Rowen Dentistry is like. Our reception area provides a soothing waterfall and aroma therapy to greet your senses along with our friendly team members. However, we don’t play pretentious spa music. We’re rockin’ out to classic rock or oldies or sometimes jazz if the day calls for it. We like to have fun, but having fun doesn’t mean sacrificing quality dental service and attention to a patient and their individualized dental needs and safety.

We are happy to process and file claims for most dental insurance providers. If you have questions about what your specific plan benefits will cover, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Our knowledgeable team members will help you maximize your benefits.

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