Pain-Free Root Canals in Boca Raton

X-rays of root canal treatment, Boca Raton Root Canals

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is a restorative procedure performed when internal tissues of the tooth have been exposed to infection or were damaged by trauma. These soft tissues, known as the pulp, are responsible for carrying oxygen from the root to the crown of the tooth. The pulp can become infected through substantial decay of the outer structures of the tooth, as well as through traumatic occurrences such as cracked enamel.

When these problems occur, our Boca Raton root canal provider removes the affected pulp, fills the space with biocompatible materials, and restores the tooth with a post and a crown. This preserves the health of the tooth, supports root structures, and seals out further decay. Root canals are performed with the use of local anesthetic to ensure patient comfort. For patients experiencing dental anxieties, we also provide options for laughing gas and oral sedation. This addition to your treatment will not only help us provide you with pain-free dental care but care that maximizes your comfort.

Porcelain Crown Restorations

The crowns used in our practice are crafted from locally-made, durable, tooth-colored materials, allowing our dentist to ensure an aesthetic and functional restoration after your root canal treatment. These tooth-colored crowns are made by our trusted local dental labs to comfortably fit each patients’ unique bite, making them ideal for teeth in both the front and back of the smile.


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