All-on-4 or Over Dentures?

All-on-4 or Over Dentures?

For patients who utilize dentures to replace the missing teeth in their smiles, it’s important to know that there are options that allow for a more comfortable and stabilized fit. With dental implants, or mini dental implants, there is a way to improve the fit and feel of replacement teeth and regain dental function.

Dental implants are beneficial to preserving the integrity of jaw bone, as they provide support for bone healthy by stimulating tissue like a natural tooth would. These titanium posts have been an innovative fixture within dentistry for their ability to replace missing teeth and act as a replacement tooth root.

A full row of dental implants can be costly however, there are options for our edentulous patients who still want to smile with confidence without worrying about loose or failing dentures. With All-on-4 and a fixed denture, you have two alternatives for a new smile:


All-on-4 is a treatment concept created by Nobel Biocare®. By utilizing only four dental implants, a full-arch of replacement teeth is permanently affixed to your jaw, creating a stable, functional, and comfortable smile restoration option. This method is less extensive than traditional implant treatments that require 6-8 implants per arch to permanently stabilize a denture. What makes All-on-4 effective is the use of unique dental implants that are longer in size and, when placed at certain angles within the bone, can support stabilized permanent denture without the need for grafts.

Over Dentures

Fixed dentures utilize additional dental implants and snap-on attachments. The difference between this treatment and All-on-4 is that overdentures provide patients the convenience of remove their dentures when needed, whereas All-on-4 can only be removed for cleaning with the help of your dentist. With a special attachment, this treatment allows the denture to adhere to the implant and arch without the need of adhesives, for a much stronger anchor.

Whether you decide on All-on-4 or an overdenture, these implant-supported teeth allow you to smile with confidence and comfort. Utilizing dental implants allows for the minimization of facial collapse, sustaining bone structure, and creates a stable foundation for your restoration.

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